Replacing Your Peanut Butter

Do you have any suggestions for peanut butter lovers? Almond butter just doesn’t do it for me.” was a recent inquiry I received.

I, too, used to eat peanut butter, probably every day!  I ate it when I was a little kid with my hippie mom, I ate it when I was vegan, thinking it was a good protein option and I ate it when I tried the Zone diet, as a great fat option.   I ate it before runs, because the running magazine told me it was a good option, spread on a nice, whole grain bagel before a workout.

In other words, it’s easy to see why any of us would opt for peanut butter since the message that it’s a great part of the diet have no boundaries, regardless of what other types of principles you might have in your own manner of eating.

It’s not Paleo, though, as it’s a legume, and as such, it contains the unhealthy anti nutrient properties inherent to all legumes.

Peanut butter, even the ‘natural’ kind, is not a good option.

The mere fact that so many people are now ‘allergic’ to peanuts can be seen as another example of the fact that they’re actually not that great for us.

So, what to replace it with?

Yes, almond butter is an option, but all nuts are only to be eaten in moderation as their Omega 6 content is so high and Omega 3s so low.

My best advice is to be flexible with your fat options.   Try something unexpected.  Throw an avocado in your breakfast smoothie or spread coconut oil on some raw veggies.    Melt coconut butter into soft boiled eggs & spinach for an extremely decadent option.   Keep with the healthiest fat options and then mix and match to make your own favorite combinations.

Remember- good fat is good and won’t make you fat!