Losing Your Paleo Mojo?

“Dear Nell, Over the past two years I have fallen off the paleo band wagon. Any tips on getting back into the lifestyle?
I miss the clarity of mind and unlimited energy I used to have and any ideas would be fantastic.…”

Wrote a reader to my Facebook page, recently.

I’ve heard other people say the same thing.  They were enjoying their Paleo regime, but over time, for one reason or another, they slowly fell back into old habits and what started with an occasional bite of bread or ice cream turned right back into the Standard American Diet.

My best suggestions include:

  • Remember how great you felt before, and make feeling awesome a goal to begin with.
  • Assess what the reasons you opted to begin including non Paleo foods were so you can address them.  Were you too restrictive?  Were you trying to go too low calorie?  Were you not paying enough attention to balancing your macro nutrients?  Make sure what you were doing was True Paleo, and not one of the many unusual interpretations of it.
  • Set new goals, with a non food-reward system, and mini goals along the way.  Aiming to lose fifty pounds?  That’s great, but you need support before the amount of time that would elapse in which you’d shed that much. Treat yourself to a night out with the family to see a favorite film, a trip to your favorite clothing boutique or a mani/pedi for that first few pounds you lose.
  • Make it practical and feasible, and get others on board.  A spouse, co worker or good friend who will be right there with you can prove to be that little extra bit of accountability you need.

The very fact that you’re interested in picking your healthy regime back up again is the most important first step.

Enjoy the process, don’t dwell on ‘should have/could have’ and focus on the here and now.

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