Meditation In Motion

I meditate when I move.  I've never been able to sit still.  After a brief (failed!) attempt to meditate while sitting in lotus (also not very successful!) I once visited an expert- a lovely, elderly Chinese 'healer' of sorts.  

After I explained that I'd felt frustrated at my lack of focus and seeming inability to sit in mediation, she responded in broken English, with, 'Duh."  (Not kidding- it was the funniest thing!)  

She followed up by saying that she could tell by my energy and exuberance that I was one not meant for sitting still and that rather, she could 'see' that I'm far more suited for meditation in motion- which I accomplish through running.

This was not news to me, since for as long as I can remember, I've been able to either 'zone out' or 'zone in' (depending on the intention of the workout) during a run.  No matter how awful or stressed out I might feel when starting a run, I know I'll feel far better when I'm done.  Mind is clear.  Thoughts stream fluidly.  Everything makes sense.

This is what I carry with me always, and what gets me through a long day such as the big race to come on Saturday.

Give it a try, and, if you're like me, don't worry if you cannot 'sit'- just move it and be thankful you've got the ability to do so!