Coleslaw At Your 4th of July Picnic

There's no reason why you can't make a paleo version of this picnic staple.  Skip the vinegar-laden mayo and replace it with a healthy combination of lemon juice and olive and/or flaxseed oil.  Most of the other ingredients in coleslaw, like the shredded cabbage, carrots and perhaps some apple, are already Paleo by default!
Here's one combination that always goes well (you may want to make this a day ahead so the lemon juice can break down the cabbage a little):

Combine finely shredded green cabbage with chopped scallions, shredded carrot, one small diced apple, olive oil and/or flaxseed oil, lemon juice, your favorite fresh herbs and freshly ground pepper in a large, flat bowl,  Refrigerate and stir occasionally over the next 24 hours.  Add some slivered, toasted almonds and garnish with whichever herbs you used in the salad. Serve cold, with your bison burgers in lettuce wraps, and a side of fresh, grilled pineapple.

Happy 4th!