Something New…After the Race!

It never fails.  The most important race is several days away and you do something silly like bump your knee on the corner of your kitchen counter or jam your toe in the door.

I’ve done both, fortunately not before last Saturday’s race, but luckily, whenever I’ve done something silly like that, it’s always so minor that it’s laughable.

What is not very funny, however, is when one tries something new, and seemingly benign, and does get really hurt.   A quick, pick up soccer game at work the week before a friend’s marathon resulted in an elbow to the chest followed by several broken ribs; another friend out for a mellow cruise on his mountain bike days before his big race ended with a tumble over the front bars and a neck injury.

Call it superstitious, call it nerves, but at least think about it a  little before you head out to ‘do a new activity’ if you’ve got an important event just around the corner.

Today, however, since the race is behind me, is a perfect day to head out for a stand up paddle board lesson, as well as some serious sets of lie-downs by the pool and intense reading of Vogue.