1-2-3 Cook: Seared Wild Ahi Salad

Yes, you read that correctly- wild ahi, here in LA.

I didn’t know you could find it here, either.

Yet one more lesson learned simply by visiting our beautiful Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Wild Local Seafood is just one of many local vendors that I now make frequent purchases from.

Their fish are sustainable and delicious without the environmental repercussions caused by poor fishing practices abroad.

Not to mention just divine to look at.

There’s just something very special about speaking face to face with the very person who caught the fish you’re about to eat… that morning, less than a hundred miles away.

It’s how it should be.

A few weeks back, when shopping there with a client, we chose a two new fish to prepare: Vermillion and Red Rock Cod.

We opted to pan fry the Vermillion in coconut oil, then finish it with a spritz of Meyer Lemon, minced basil and a touch of Himalayan Salt.

We tested out the Rock Cod en papillote over a julienne of carrot and leek with the obligatory splash of chard and a sprig of Rosemary.

Both were absolutely delicious, super fast and simple to prepare and absolutely delish!

Check out my free recipe for this Seared Wild Ahi Salad shown above and prepare a meal for yourself and your family in all of five minutes.