Healthy Holiday Tip of the Day: Shop Online for Paleoista Approved Food!

It is Cyber Monday, after all! A sweater for grandma, the hot new toys for the little ones, sure…but what about for you?  And for friends, family and colleagues that may be just as inclined to keep to a healthy, True Paleo regime in their kitchen, on the go and even for a special occasion? The past few months have been busy as I’ve been working on my third book, due out in January, opening the studio and making some very exciting partnerships! It’s quite fitting that today is the roll out for the first three Paleoista Baskets offered in conjunction with Barefoot Provisions, a site which is very much worth your while to check out. Together, we’ve conjured up three special baskets for you, just in time for the holidays! Check out the Pantry Basics Kit, Portable Proteins and, just in time for this festive time of year, the Special Occasions Basket!