Did Paleo Man Take Anti-Oxidants?

Well, it depends- certainly not in pill form, but the diet that was followed in those times was so rich in nutrients, and lacking in today's anti nutrients, that we can rest assured that paleolithic man did, indeed get his anti oxidants!

So, then, if we are true to our roots and follow the same diet today, do we really need to be taking any supplements?


A quick review of The Paleo Diet and/or The Paleo Diet for Athletes will remind us of a few important factors:

1) Paleolithic man wasn't exposed to the toxins and pollutants that surround us today.

2) Depending on where your food comes from, the source may not be as 'clean' as therefore, as high in valuable nutrition

3) Particular to athletes, it behooves us to stay on top of adding extra anti oxidants to help combat the oxidation that occurs as a result of training.

Dr. Cordain recommends in his book, that we supplement with fish oil, Vitamins A, C, D & E, as well as Selenium (so eat those Brazil Nuts!).  Doing so will serve as an 'insurance policy' to fill in any holes that may be lacking in your diet and keep you running strong!

Be sure to choose a food-based brand that does NOT have fillers such as soy, rice, dairy or other unfavorable additives.

Finally, if you do consume caffeine, don't do so close to the time you take your vitamins, as it will inhibit proper absorption.

Bottoms up!