Starting Paleo Early

I was extremely pleased when a newly-Paleo friend forwarded this photo of her son reading The Paleo Diet book!  

When I asked her how and why that came to pass, she explained that he’d  been having some digestive issues and took it upon himself to learn more about how certain foods in his diet might be triggering some negative consequences.

How cool is that?

I asked her to share this pic so that I could use it to illustrate this very blog topic.

While I’m not a mom (of human children) myself, I’ve worked with enough moms and dads of teens to know that the going is not always exactly easy when it comes to getting kids to go Paleo some, let alone, all of the time.  

One piece of advice I’ll often suggest is to simply lead by example and let the kids follow, rather than an approach where the parent is is too in-your-face about it.  The latter approach seems to do quite well in not getting kids to hop aboard the Paleo bandwagon! 

Paleo can be done by people of all ages;  yes, it’s safe for anyone from the age of infancy to elderly adult.  We’re all human and are all meant to be eating the same thing (food) and to not eat the same things (items that are not food).

Don’t underestimate your childrens’ ability to learn about their own diet and nutrition and allow them to do their own research independently.  You might learn a thing or two in the process, too!