Have you integrated Paleo Living into your diet, but find you are at a loss when you try to pack your children's lunches? 

Keep yourself from falling into the trap of resorting to fried or processed foods that, unfortunately, are options at many schools these days. This one-week plan can turn into months of ideas for meals that are easy to prepare, carry and eat for children of any age! 

Parents can follow the breakfast and dinner suggestions, too, assuming those meals are eaten at home, as well as weekend meals.

Some dinners are the next day's lunch; and you can mix and match the snack ideas to suit your kids palate. Ideas range from more traditional 'apple with sliced turkey' to more creative 'shrimp & seaweed' to accomodate all taste buds.

You can vary the portion sizes based on your children's age & size- or contact me for help in that matter!

The "Paleo Kids" Plan, plus a lunch tote and ice pack are all you'll need to send the kids off to school stocked with sound nutrition for the day!