No, You Are Not ‘Doomed’ to be Fat

I was pleasantly surprised after reading the headline article in today’s ‘s newsletter.  Nice, for a change!
I saw the headline and prepared for what would likely be another “woe-is-me, I have ‘fat genes’ and there’s nothing I can do” diatribe.
Not so much!
Rather, the author shares that despite being overweight as a child, the message, loud and clear is:
”Genetics are a great thing, if they work in your favor. And if not, your journey to lose weight can be frustrating and at times appear helpless.
 So where does that leave you?  With a simple choice: Make excuses or work harder.”
Later, he goes on to state, ” So who will you be? The person who accepts what is given to them or the person who fights for what they want?
That decision, and not your genetics, is the real ‘set point’ that will determine whether you succeed or fail.”
I couldn’t agree more with what he has to say.  True, some find it easier to keep lean than others, but as pointed out above, we all have the choice to turn it into a challenge after having made the decision that we want to win at our own personal battles, or we can settle, decide we are ‘doomed’ and go eat ice cream and cake and sit motionless in front of the television.
It’s your call!
Have a look at the athlete in the picture above.  I don’t know who he is, but I’ve met many athletes like him who’ve overcome incredible odds and made a choice not to let their genes (for those born with no leg, or arm or without the ability to walk) or their fate (an accident) create a doom and gloom situation for themselves.
Instead, they proactively chose to become the very best they could be by accepting their individual challenges head on.
So, you grew up in a fat family.
Choose something else for yourself.  It’s not too late.