Good Morning, Paleo? Good Morning, America, You’ve Got it All Wrong!

Good Morning America featured a story about Paleo the other day.

Unfortunately, unlike the open minded and accurate view of Paleo I was able to present on Dr. Oz, this show got it so, so wrong that it pained me to watch it.

First of all, at the beginning of the segment, we see cream, green beans and edamame amongst the other foods which actually are Paleo.

Then, the horrible ‘caveman ‘ cartoon graphics which bring to mind Fred Flintsone.

Next, we see Lisa Drayer, RD, who tells us that Paleo is a high protein, low carb diet popular in the Cross Fit World.

Fair enough, yet not accurate as it’s not high protein/low carb, rather, it’s just higher in protein and lower (or actually, completely lacking) in the refined carbs that are part and parcel of the Standard American.

When describing the approach, she forgot to mention no dairy, too.

Then, we see a profile of a young mom who has done quite well for herself following a Paleo regime, which was a pleasant little high point of the segment which will hopefully appeal to that demographic and their kids.

Finally, we see Dr. Richard Bresser, MD, who tells us Paleo is a 

‘Good jump start to weight loss’ but not sustainable because it ‘eliminates healthy food’ and creates deficiencies where we will  need to supplement with Calcium.

He reminds us that caveman not did live past their 30s (oh, dear.  When are we going to let that myth die out?).

He also tells us that there are too many problems elimiating whole food groups-  grains and legumes and suggests peanuts are a good protein source.

Too $ and too hard to maintain

He wraps up by saying there is too much protein and we are better off going  back only two generations and look at our grandparents diet and mimicking that, rather than Paleo because, after all, Paleo really just hasn’t been proven.

So, so terribly wrong. Such a shame as the audience of over 5 million viewers, according to Nielsen, would have greatly benefitted if provided with the truth.

Click here to watch it for yourself!