Gluten and Your Bones

Interested in developing osteoporosis?  One way to help speed the process is to keep that gluten in your diet, and all grains for that matter.

Refer to Dr. Cordain’s latest book, The Paleo Answer, and see for yourself.  In a nutshell, he states:

The phytate (or phytic acid) in all grains (yes, even those that are gluten free) binds to the small amount of calcium found in grains, making us far less able to absorb it.

In addition, the calcium/phosphorus ratio in whole grains is very low, which has an end result of causing progressive bone loss.”

Is it any surprise that there are more and more reasons to simply cut the grains?   

They’re just fillers, nothing more, and have nothing to offer nutritionally that we can’t get elsewhere in a superior form.  Yes, millions of people around the world living in poverty must rely on grains as a major component of their diet as they’ve got no choice.  Meat is a rare treat for many.

If you’ve got the choice, choose not to eat it.   Opt for fresh vegetables in their proxy along with your protein, and your body will thank you.  Do the same for your family and children and prevent their own health from suffering down the line.