Sweet & Savory – Shrimp, Avocado & Mango Starter

Be adventurous and don't worry about mixing sweet and savory.

Think outside the box:  one of my favorite starters for a dinner party is a light, fresh avocado, tomato, mango and jumbo shrimp chopped salad, drizzled with lime, pressed into a cylindrical food-mold (as in to create a shape, not as in 'old, moldy food'!), then topped with fresh cilantro and Chili del Valle.

-Poach or saute jumbo shrimp; remove shell & tail.  Dice into 1/2" square pieces.

-Dice fresh avocado, tomato and mango into similarly sized pieces.

-Combine in a large mixing bowl and toss with lime.  

-Press into small food molds, or ramekins, or small round serving dishes.

-Turn over onto plate.  While the dish is not going to hold fast to the shape as you've not added any binders or fillers, it will create a lovely little mound onto which you can sprinkle some chili powder and top with a cilantro sprig.

Light, fresh, tasty indeed!