The Black & White vs Grey of Paleo

You walk into the restaurant, after having done the research online and making sure there were some Paleo options. You even went as far as to call ahead and make sure the items you’re interested in are confirmed soy-, gluten- and dairy- free.

But then…it happens. You see, in small letters, that the filet mignon comes from a ranch that despite being local, prides itself in feeding its stock corn. And the salmon you were considering for Plan B turns out to be farmed rather than wild.

What to do?

If you were alone, you could easily turn around and go elsewhere, but you’re at that particular restaurant to meet with your boss and some very important clients. Making a fuss and leaving in a huff is not exactly an option.

Is there a grey area in Paleo?

I believe there is.

Given the situation above, is it better to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater and go 180 degrees away from Paleo by ordering the Fettucini Alfredo instead of eating beef that’s not grass fed?

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where we simply need to make the best choice out of some not-so-great options.

For me, as long as I knew there was nothing hidden in the dish, like gluten or soy in a marinade, I’d chose the beef that wasn’t grass fed.

To be clear, I am 100% in support of grass-fed meat, pastured poultry and wild fish, but if it were an extenuating circumstance, I’d choose the not 100% grass fed beef over the pasta dish, and the conventional broccoli as a side dish rather than the rice pilaf.

Do your best to stay as Paleo as you can, as often as you can, but if there is the one-off occasion where you’re in a pinch, being just a teeny bit flexible may be to your advantage.