When Wine is Not an Option

I’ve written before about how I enjoy a glass of Cab; not only is drinking wine something that people around the world have done for thousands of years for social and religious reasons, it also has health benefits, which we are all aware of.

The only reason I partake is just to get that dose of resveratrol.

Kidding, of course…

But what if wine is just not an option?  

Perhaps the sulfites trigger a migraine headache or the histamines cause an allergic response.  Or if you’ve been clinically diagnosed as having a yeast overgrowth in the gut, the last thing you want to do is add to it by the trace that’s left in wine after fermenting.

Are there any other options that can work while following the Paleo diet.


Think clearly…literally.

Clear spirits,  neat, can be a viable option.

If you go for vodka, make sure to chose a brand which is not grain based and is therefore gluten free, such as Chopin or Karlssen’s, both of which are made from potato, or Ciroq, which is made of grapes.   Neat tequila is an option as well, as is a neat gin, for example.

Steer clear of the fluffy drinks with added syrups, wine ‘coolers and of course, beer.

Make sure you stay hydrated and if you know you’re going to be drinking one evening, eat even more fresh veggies with your  wild proteins to at least balance out the acidity that comes along with the alcohol a little.

There is no need to encase yourself in a Paleo bubble, and if a night out with friends or the wedding you’re going to is an occasion at which you’d like to partake of the celebratory drink, you can plan ahead, do so accordingly and therefore not end up feeling as though you’ve gone off track and take on that old ‘the heck with it’ attitude and eat anything and everything in site.

If you know yourself well enough to  know that it’s not a possibility to have just one drink or two…maybe better to skip it entirely.  However, that is something that goes beyond the realm of Paleo, and about which I’m certainly not equipped to comment, so I’ll leave it at that.

Otherwise- just keep it balanced and know that it’s not  a problem to imbibe now and then as part of your Paleo lifestyle.