Eating Blindly

I’ve seen very young kids find things on the ground and put them in their mouths, followed by a swift removal of whatever the object was by their moms or dads.  

It’s part of learning for little ones to do this; find shiny object/don’t know what it is/put in mouth to identify.

Perfectly normal, right?  

What about if an adult did that?

A bit odd, wouldn’t it be?

But isn’t that precisely what you’re doing if you put eat things without knowing what they really are or what is in them?  Are you really confident that the advertising on a wrapper or a bottle that tells you that the contents are good for you is true?  Further, are you sure that the corporation that deemed a product to be ‘healthy’ considers the same factors to qualify something as being healthy that you do? 

If you do go so far as to read a label, are you really reading it, or are you just looking to check that it’s ‘low-carb’ or ‘doesn’t have more than X grams of fat’ and that’s enough for you  to opt to eat it?

I’m just bewildered at how many people eat blindly in this respect.

“Don’t know quite what it is, but it sure tastes good so I’ll hedge my bets.”  Really?

Think of the image I mentioned earlier.  Would you let your child actually follow through with eating things they find on the ground and just assume that hopefully it was some kind of food and not worry about it?

I don’t even want my dogs to do that, and dogs will eat just about anything if given the chance!

Just think about what you’re about to put into your body and whether you can really identify it as being a food.  If you don’t know what hydrolyzed collagen, maltitol and butylated hydroxyanisole are, then maybe you might not want to eat them?