But They Won’t Cover Acupuncture…

I read earlier this week that some health insurance policies at twenty-odd universities across the country will now cover, or partly cover, costs for students who elect to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

First off all, please note that this post is in no way meant to be any sort of judgement call on that.  I strongly feel that if someone opts to make that call, it’s completely their prerogative and I don’t feel it’s anyone else’s business to say it’s good or bad, wrong or right.

What I have a huge issue with, though, is how that’s going to be covered while I can’t even get reimbursed for acupuncture or massage.   Those are considered ‘alternative’.  

Since they’re brand new modalities?  No, that couldn’t be the reason; those techniques are thousands of years old.

Rather than get bodywork to keep my muscles fluid and performing as I want them to, I could let them get sore and get prescriptions for pain killers.  And instead of acupuncture for balance and keeping centered, I could allow myself to become anxious and procure a script for anti anxiety meds, which would also be covered.

Can we possibly become more upside down?