Simple Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

It’s easy to get bored on any kind of eating plan if we take the route of sticking to just a few foods, prepared the same way all the time and eating with nothing to jazz them up.

It’s not necessarily an unhealthy approach; certainly by eating fresh veggies, wild proteins and healthy fats at each meal, you’re doing your body a favor from a nutritional standpoint.

However, if every meal is comprised of broccoli, chicken and a splash of olive oil, it’s not too hard to see why we’d start thinking about the allure of something else.

Several posts ago, I wrote about how one might rethink their approach to Paleo if they feel they’re being too repetitive in what they’re eating.

Creativity plays a key role in maintaing a True Paleo regime for the future, yet there’s still a place for simple.

And simple does not have to be boring.

In fact, as much as I love hosting an insane dinner party with tons of guests and elaborate preparation, if I’m really honest, my absolute favorite meals to eat are those which are representative of the utmost level of simplicity.

A rare, grass fed filet mignon with some raw kale, garlic and olive oil.

Some wild sashimi with arugula, avocado and lemon juice.

A roast, pastured chicken with steamed broccoli doused in pan jus.

So many of us have gotten away from the pure taste of real, fresh food, we’ve forgotten how delicious they are on their own, without sauces, cheese toppings and flour-thickened gravies.

The next time you’re on a hunt to find the lasted faux-Paleo recipe for a ‘thick chocolate sauce for cashew ice cream’ or pseudo Paleo sauce made up of arrowroot, grass fed butter and vinegar (pardon me?), take a step back and try eating something simply delightful all on its own.

You may be pleasantly surprised!