Holiday Tip # 1 – Being the ‘Helper’

Thanks to those of you who already emailed me with comments, questions and your own tips of staying Paleo during the holidays!  Why not start right away instead of waiting another week until the first of December?

The first tip came from a reader who shared that she opts to be a co-host at work parties in order to distract potential harassment, for lack of a better work, from those co-workers who might be inclined to give her a hard time for not partaking in the holiday treats that everyone else brings in.

I had a chuckle when I saw your comment on how to avoid the cookie tray being handed around- my recent solution was to be the helper. Yes it was more work and I was essentially co hosting the event but ideas so busy handing the trays around to people and asking if they’d like some more so they couldn’t get on my case for not having any crap.”

Of course, it would be ideal if those co-workers didn’t bring the crap to the office in the first place, but since that’s not too likely to come to pass, you could opt to contribute a healthy option or two, and offer that along with all the cakes, candies and sugary treats that everyone else might be bringing in.

Why not come to be known as the gal or guy with the one healthy option amongst all the other undesirable stuff?