Grabbing a healthy breakfast on the go…

This is a great topic. Anywhere you go, you can easily find a sugary, high-fat, starch-laden plethora of ‘breakfast’ choices, all of which will set you up nicely for a blood sugar crash later in the day. Muffins, gigantic scones, mocha (milkshakes), white bagels with jam. Where is the balance? An even better question, why do so many of us think these are all great breakfast choices?

As I’ve written before, ideally you’ve prepped and packed your meals for the day, and this would not even be an issue. At the very least, hopefully you’ve at least got a partial breakfast with you (i.e. hard boiled eggs!) However, even the most prepared folks may find an occasional time when they’ve simply not had a free moment to make their usual fare for the day.

Remember the balance. You’re looking for something with some healthy fat, some relatively unprocessed carbs and some lean protein.

Some coffee shops are now offering an assortment of breakfast sandwiches to choose from. Granted, there are some appalling options out there, but you can also find some good choices. If you’re like me, and have a gluten allergy (or if you simply don’t want to eat white bread rolls!), you can buy an scrambled egg white and avocado sandwich, throw the bread away and grab a fruit salad and there you have a nice ratio of the three macro-nutrients.

Perhaps you’ve stopped off at the local gas-station mart; I have found that they sometimes offer hard boiled eggs, roasted nuts and fruit. While probably not organic, it’s still better than grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips!

Or, maybe you’re making a quick run into the local grocery store- choose a slice of smoked salmon from the deli (sans the white bagel!), some fresh fruit and a small bag of raw nuts.

While these options may require slightly more time than simply ordering that mongo-muffin from the barista, if you consider how much better you’ll feel, and how much more energy you’ll have during the day, it makes those extra five minutes worth it!

Bon Apetit!