Incorporating Avocado

One of the Paleo best sources of fat is the avocado.  

I wrote about this delicious fruit a few weeks back; after receiving an interesting idea from a regular reader about incorporating avocado in what might be seen as an unusual, I felt it warranted another appearance, despite the close timing.

Of course, it has a much higher fat content than most other fruit, (mostly monounsaturated fat), which is the essence of why it’s so versatile can be used in so many ways above and beyond sliced in a salad or in guacamole.

The ‘interesting’ idea I reference above may not be all that novel to you if you’re in certain regions of the world where avocado is routinely used in sweet preparations, including certain countries in Asia and South America.   It’s a simple concept that I’ve actually used in my own kitchen, yet I find many of my US clients have never considered avocado having a place in any dish other than a savory one.

The recipe was for a blended avocado, coffee and dairy milk drink, but you can quite easily make it into a paleo friendly version simply by using coconut milk in lieu of dairy.

Swirl up your own version in your blender, using the ratios based on what tastes good to you, throw in a little ice for frothiness and, why not add an umbrella to edge of your glass for a little extra paleo pizazz?