Could It Be More Frustrating?

You counted every last calorie.  You did an extra thirty minutes on that boring elliptical trainer and  you bit your tongue when you wanted to bite a huge chunk of that chocolate cheesecake last night when you were out for your friend’s birthday celebration.

Then, this morning came the moment of truth.

You got up, used the bathroom, took off every last piece of clothing, including your jewelry in  case it would add an ounce or two and on to the Tanita you stepped.

And it showed…

An additional half pound since yesterday!!

What the???

OK- stop.

First of all- why are you weighing in each day?   Are you trying to make weight for the wrestling team?  If not, no need to do this to yourself.

Second of all, if you really are relying on calorie counting, why are you doing that?  Has it proven successful before?   If you’re trying to shed some extra pounds, I’d be willing to guess that you may have tried to do so before, and you may have even used the same approach (which didn’t work then, long term).

So why, then, are you hoping for different results this time?

Yes, being uber restrictive can result in weight loss.  However, it’s statistically not the most effective long term approach to keeping off those pounds.

Why not try something new?

Imagine if you could have avocado (oh, no!  Eat fat?) along with a grass fed filet mignon (what?? red meat?) on top of a bed of sautéed greens?

Hmm… that sounds a lot more appealing than boiled chicken breasts with celery sticks.

This is Paleo.

Don’t be scared off by the name; it’s not actually a diet consisting of eating raw meat and a lifestyle involving wearing a loin cloth.

It’s eating a balance of local, seasonal plants, wild animals and healthy fats.

Not too crazy when you look at it that way, is it?

And I can show you how.

Check out my website to choose the plan that suits you best- whether your a mom trying to shed baby weight, an athlete trying to get lean or a busy, traveling exec, True Paleo can send you on your way, permanently, effectively and healthfully.

You have nothing to lose.. except some extra pounds!