If It’s Not There, You’re Not Going To Eat It

Not too difficult a concept to consider, is it?

This is precisely why I recommend giving your kitchen a makeover when you’re beginning your foray into the Paleo (or Paleoista!) Lifestyle.

Clearing away everything that has any trace of any grains, dairy, legumes or refined sugars in order to make room for loads of fresh, local produce, clean meats and natural fats truly is one of the most important steps you can take to set yourself up for Paleo success.

Another nice little bonus that you’ll see when you implement this into your own household, particularly if you’re doing the bulk of the cooking, is that if your spouse, kids or roommate is on board and you’re cooking for them as well, is that they’ll likely begin to notice the benefits of being Paleo, even if by default!

Just yesterday, a client shared with me that her husband has lost nine pounds since she began following the Paleo diet!   He happens to be the ideal spouse in this situation as he told his wife before week one of Paleo began that  he didn’t mind what she cooked (or did not); he was thrilled to have a home cooked meal every night after work.  He’d naturally come  home from the office and ask for some bread and butter or some pretzels as a pre-dinner snack, but when my client, his wife, simply told him that she’d prepared him another snack instead (such as a small starter salad with poached shrimp and avocado), he happily ate that and didn’t care at all that he skipped eating bread.

Of course, there are situations in which someone at home is not on board with Paleo, but you can still make it work; that’s one of the situations I review in Paleoista– so be sure and check that out if you haven’t already.

Go clear out your kitch if you’ve not done so yet and it will all the more easy to keep Paleo when you haven’t got a quart of Ben & Jerry’s calling you from the freezer or a 2-Liter bottle of cola asking you to pour it down the hatch.

Keep it simple and get ready for success!