Swapping Proteins, Choosing Fruit…

I’ll often get inquiries from clients who’ve either purchased one of my pre written plans, or who are working with me on their custom Paleo eating about whether it’s acceptable to swap one protein for another, or to opt for a different fruit from what I may have planned for them.

Here’s the skinny:

  • As far as fruits are concerned, stay fresh, local, organic and seasonal and, when substituting one fruit for another the key is to choose one with a similar glycemic index and fiber content.  If you’re just about to workout and the meal calls for a banana, which is a higher glycemic option then you’d do well by having another higher glycemic, lower fiber option like fresh pineapple if you didn’t feel in a banana type of mood.  Conversely, if your lunch time meal called for scattering some fresh berries on top of your salad, an apple, which, like the berries, is lower glycemic and higher in fiber, would make a good alternative.
  • With regard to protein, also keep it local and wild;  if you live in Australia and can only source turkey around the holidays, but can get hold of plenty of fresh kangaroo, go for it.  If you happen to choose  meat that has less fat than what was originally planned, simply accommodate by adding some avocado, olive oil or coconut oil to balance out the macro nutrient ratio.

The more variety the better, so swap away!