Fat Cats? Plus Sized Dogs? Don’t Do It!

An article in Wednesday's NY TIMES discussed making pet food at home.  LOVE IT!  We have had our own Weimaraners on raw food/meat/veg (aka PALEO) diet for several years and, although they're nearly 12, they're often mistaken for being about 5 or 6.

Granted, they're athletes like us, and quite fancy a long run, but just as with humans, it's all about the diet.

How sad it is to see a fat pet.  It's COMPLETELY avoidable.  We determine what our pets eat, so why would we feed them table scraps – bits of food that HUMANS should not even be eating, and fatten them up, cause health problems and ultimately shorten their lifespan!

Even if you yourself are not at your healthy weight, and have some foods in your diet that leave a lot to be desired, please think twice before you inflict the same dire outcome of a poor diet on your pet!