Paleoista at Heathrow

After a three hour car ride down to Heathrow from the North of England, we had about two hours prior to boarding during which we had a chance to do a few laps of the airport to stretch out our legs… and suss the place out in terms of finding some provisions to tide us over before our journey back to LA.

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the Paleo friendly options we found in a very short time in terminal 3!

A salad from Pret a Manger was a no brainer; alternatively, one could grab a sandwich and simply toss the bread in a pinch. There was a caviar, salmon and fresh prawn bar, a Marks & Spencer Simply Food, where a bag of ready to eat veggies is easily procured, along with some raw nuts, Starbucks or Costa for a nice doppio to hit the spot when trying to ease back into nine time zones earlier, Finally, two poached eggs with grilled salmon, greens and tomato ordered in the lounge made for a nice, light breakfast when combined with the kale I’d brought from my mother in law’s house this morning.

No need to stop at McDonald’s or try to get by on candy from the book shop when fresh veggies and protein are literally staring you in the face!