Race Expo ‘Foods’ in the Athlete Bags…Still Not There!

In my athlete bag for the NY Marathon, I thought I'd finally found some Paleo options, but alas, I was mistaken.

What I mistook for a bag of walnuts and a bag of almonds, turned out to be a bag of Emerald Brand Breakfast on the Go and Cocoa Roast Almonds


which was most unfortunate because they contained peanuts, whole wheat granola clusters, corn syrup, barley flour, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, yogurt powder, mannitol AND modified foods starch, nutrasweet and sucralose, respectively.

Gosh, I would have loved it if they'd have just had good old plain raw walnuts!

BUT- I was quite happy with this ad in the marathon expo booklet:


And I will quite be looking forward to a lovely NY Apple after I cross the line!