Fancy a Cuppa Tea?

Yes, I do love a black espresso before a training session, but too much caffeine is not necessarily a good thing.  I'd be a hypocrite if I suggested that you readers NOT drink coffee, but I would encourage you to add tea!

Green tea, yes, full of antioxidants and said to help with certain types of cancer prevention, but also be sure and try all the lovely herbal varieties that are out there! 

Peppermint tea can be great if you've got a belly ache, as can ginger tea.  Chamomile is a great choice before bed and, as much as I love coconut, I also enjoy a cup of Coconut Chai Tea.  (I mean HOT TEA- just tea- NOT a latte, keep in mind!).  

Another favorite of mine is the Yogi Tea Brand of Egyptian LIcorice.  

A cup of plain tea can be a great way to start the day, end the day, or pass the day!  Stick with hot tea, just hot tea- you needn't add anything- and count it towards your fluid intake of the day.  If you're one to get bored of drinking plain water, this will help you stay hydrated, too!