Is Milk Really That Bad, Then?


I just read your most recent blog post about the pH in Paleo, and I’m really glad to see this post! I have also been thinking about this lately. I am a big dairy lover, and was concerned with the Paleo diet about giving up my love for milk, cheese, and yogurt. But as long as I eat lots of alkaline vegetables, would I be okay? Would that balance out so that I could continue to eat dairy products?

If only it were so easy!   While the concept makes perfect sense, the acidic bang that dairy has on the body is not the only problem with consuming the bovine beverage.  

  • For one thing, if we’re looking at what cavemen really ate, the chance of them having been able to have access to dairy would have been slim to none.  Think about it; cow’s milk is essentially breast milk meant for feeding calves, not you or I.  Add to that the prevalence of those who admit they are lactose intolerant (we are all lactose intolerant) and you have further evidence as to why we are not supposed to be ingesting the stuff.
  • The balance of alkaline fresh produce is already at work neutralizing the acidic contribution we get in the proteins we’re eating; and the protein is a necessary part of eating Paleo.  
  • In addition, dairy products have long been tied to the development of Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory disease of the GI Tract.
  • The calcium to magnesium ratio is too high (5:1), which reduces magnesium stores in the heart and leads to heart disease.  
  • Despite being low on the glycemic index scale, dairy products cause a huge rise in blood insulin levels, quite similar to the response after eating white bread.
  • Dairy products also cause acne and congestion and are a great source of bovine hormones.

So, yes, milk really, really is that bad… unless you’re a calf!

NO on dairy!

Refer to Dr. Loren Cordain’s work, most recently in his newest book, The Paleo Answer and you’ll find all the evidence you need!