EAT FAT…I’m Not Kidding

I was thrilled to see and article in Wednesday's NY TIMES about eating chicken skin.

Before you send your comments in about the skin being 'fattening' or high in HCA's read on. (I've done a post on these both, before;  if you're concered with heterocyclic amine content in the chicken skin, you can significantly lower it by rubbing flax oil or vitamin E oil on the skin.) 

Yes, the article included some non Paleo prep ideas, heavy on the cheese, but it's the idea that I liked. The concept that (hopefully) people are becoming less afraid of eating fat and less convinced that eating fat all by itself is what makes people fat or even obese is optimistic!

To review, the simple act of eating fat is NOT what makes people fat.

Not steadying your blood sugar level, always peaking and crashing and eating white sugar along with refined grain products, however, WILL certainly be able to accomplish that!

Think about how you feel, or even try a little experiment, after you eat a Paleo meal of mixed wild greens, grilled chicken breast with a squeeze of lemon and a few berries VERSUS the same exact meal with a nice douse of olive oil and sliced avocado.

Adding the healthy fats will satiate you and balance the meal and leave you feeling good, steady, even energy levels and you won't feel like you need a second meal in thirty minutes!

Or, continue to nix the fat and everything with fat in it and a) see how long it lasts and b) see if you don't end up going on some horrible binge in which you not only consume fat, but poor kinds of fat (hydrogenated oils!) mixed in with refined, processed, absolute junk!

Being sarcastic here, indeed, but I'm not basing this on anything other than what I've seen happen time and time again with many, many clients, until they 'go out on a limb' and decide to eat a little bit of good fat.