Oh, Stuff It!

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you off!  I’m just making reference to one rather non-Paleo dishes that graces our table during this festive time of year. Rather than work backwards from the traditional recipes using day old bread, even if it is gluten-free, let’s take a new approach instead and focus on some hearty veggies that make viable options to accompany the pastured bird and all the other sides we’ll be enjoying that day. Using hearty, ‘meaty’ veggies to take the place of the grain-based dishes is a good way to go. In particular, an array of mushrooms with savory spices and onions sauteed stove top and served along side the bird works beautifully.  So, too, does a dish of a roasted medley of roots such as beets, turnip, parsnip and carrot. My Roasted Sprout recipe is always a favorite; try making it your own by topping with toasted pecans or sprinkling some naturally dried cranberries on top. Using the spices and flavor profiles that we’re so accustomed to also helps to balance out the ‘need’ for stuffing, such as sage and onion. When the table is set out and all the colors of the rainbow are present, and no one’s actually ‘stuffed’ from eating the bread stuffing, everyone will actually be able to enjoy the meal more as there’s room for a little of everything!