Kelp Noodles

I’m laughing to myself as I eat some kelp on top of my arugula, pastured chicken, avocado and sun dried tomato salad.

Or rather, kelp ‘noodles’.

Why do we have to reassign new names which we associate to processed food byproducts (like pasta) to foods found in nature that happen to have a similar shape, texture or color?

Why can’t we just say we’re eating kelp? 

It has to be a noodle?

Does it make the taste any different?

I guess it’s no different than back in my vegan days when I ate things like Tofurky (tofu meant to taste and look like Thanksgiving Turkey…right).  It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

I’m just going to stick with calling the food what it really is.

I’m not eating kelp noodles; I’m just eating kelp.