I sometimes caution clients that I don't mean to sound condescending when I impart one of my recommendations upon them: "Try a new fruit and vegetable each week", as it may sound like something a kindergarten teacher would say to their students!

As well versed as I like to think I am in fruits & veg, I am always happily surprised when I discover something new at the farmer's market or Whole Foods.

This week, I found…


(Shown with a tablespoon to show the small size!)

It's a hybrid between a lime and a kumquat.

 It has a sweet tasting skin and a bitter sweet pulp that tastes similar to limes. The fruit can be eaten whole or the juice and rind can be used to flavor drinks and dishes. It has considerable amounts of vitamin C and is strongly acidic.

It's quite refreshing to eat one or two after a meal, and there are many options as to ways you can include it as part of a meal as wel.  Slice it and top off your salad, dice it and throw it in with some piping hot steamed kale, or mince with some cooked chicken breast and olive oil… just to list a few ideas off the top of my head!