The “Open Meal” Discussion

Hopefully you've all read The Paleo Diet, by Dr. Loren Cordain, as well as The Paleo Diet for Athletes, also by Dr. Cordain with Joe Friel.  If so, you're aware of…


Have it or not?

Well, it depends.  I've had clients who've expressed interest in changing their diet for the better to one that follows the principles of paleolithic eating.  They report that it's great/they love it… BUT they haven't lost weight yet.  Or their skin hasn't cleared up yet.  And so on, and so on.   

In my humble opinion, if you decide to try a paleolithic diet, it would behoove you to NOT have an open meal on day one.  Or week one.  Or during the whole first month!  

I really encourage you to try it, at 100% commitment level, simply to give your body a break from years of grain, dairy and legume consumption.  Let your body become it's best!  Then, you can test foods and see how you feel.  You may likely find that what was once an appealing, wonderful treat, is now way too sugary, or too salty, or too dry (hello, dried out bread- yuck- what's the point!?).   You may also experience a strong reaction that, in the past, you considered to just be a normal part of how you feel (for example bloating after eating wheat, or congestion after eating dairy).

Only you can determine what works for you as an open meal, and whether it's worth it.  For me, I won't touch bread or grain, simply because i know that I'll be physically uncomfortable and pay dearly for it.  It's just not worth it.  I prefer to have the occasional glass of red wine.

Just remember to treat your body well; know the implications of eating grains, legumes & dairy and based on all the factors above, make a wise decision.

To our health!