Super Food Wrap Up

All week long, I’ve written about a handful of foods touted for their super powerful goodness.  It certainly wasn’t an exhaustive list, just a selection of some that clients seem to ask me about more than others. Most Superfoods that I’ve come across do have some health benefits to their merit, and many can easily be incorporated into a True Paleo regime. However, don’t forget one very important thing:  all real, fresh, local, seasonal food is actually superfood, too. Think of how many health benefits we glean from eating kale, blueberries, wild salmon, broccoli, seaweed, grass fed beef and avocado, for example. In other words, just as there’s no single panacea pill that we could take if we wanted, there’s no one magic food that when eaten on its own is suddenly going to make you lose weight, stop craving sugar or be able to taper off your pain medication. As with anything that falls under the category of being a supplement, your best bet is always to do some thorough research on it using reliable sources, and if you’re looking into it for any sort of medical condition, it’s always your best bet to check with your ND or Functional Medicine Doc first.  This way, you can get a baseline assessment prior to self-diagnosing that you think you’re about to hit menopause and therefore deciding to pile on the yam cream and begin taking Black Cohosh and evening primrose oil. It is indeed actually possible to overdo even fresh, natural foods even if they are superfood, just as it’s possible to take too much of the wrong supplement, again, even if it is seemingly natural and you chose it from the shelf at Whole Foods. Keep it simple, keep it balanced and become Superhuman simply by eating real food and not expecting magic. Your body will get healthier over time, even if you’re staring from a place very far away from health…just keep it real and be patient.  It’ll be worth it!