Holiday Tip of the Day: Keep Baking…But Consider it an Art Project, Not A Snack!

One of the most fun things to do as a family with little ones is to bake for the holidays.   Baked goods make great gifts, and spending time creating something with the kids is a timeless experience that all will hold close to their hearts in years to come.

Wondering what you’re going to replace that pastime with, now that you and the family are Paleo?

Who said anything about needing to stop this activity?

Keep baking…but rather than eating the final creation, let it be as an art project.   From a gingerbread house that the little ones can peek at every morning, to the sugar cookies you turned into ornaments to hang on the tree, there are many options of fun things to bake in the kitchen that make lovely decorations around the home, leaving room in the kids’ little bellies for some fresh fruit and veggies!