POM Delish

Have you seen those little plastic containers of pomegranate seeds making an appearance right about now at this festive time of year? While buying them ready to use is indeed convenient, they’re significantly more costly not to more perishable. And while seeding a whole pomegranate might seem puzzling and messy, there’s a very simple methodology behind it:

  • After washing the fruit, cut off the ends to create flat surfaces, then score the fruit into quarters
  • Stick your thumbs into the pith of the ends and tear it up into sections
  • Place the sections in a bowl of cold water and bend them backwards to release the seeds…ping!
  • Pick off any pieces of membrane, discard and dry seeds throughly before storing in the fridge

Sprinkle them on salads, top off a dish of roasted sprouts or use them for a special occasion holiday cocktail. Tasty, full of antioxidants and a nice splash of color to boot- they’re a seasonal must-have!