The “Got Milk” Ads…Really?

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, the "Got Milk" Ad Campaign brings attention to the fantasy that drinking milk is a great way to build bones, intake your Calcium for the day and help you lose weight, amongst many other falacies.

I always find it interesting to note the array of celebs that are photographed with their 'milk mustaches'. You might see female athletes, rock bands or kids…but the one I saw today in a silly magazine (stay tuned for a whole post on that!) has to be the one of the strangest examples.

Harrison Ford, posing with his milk mustache, behind a tag line that reads  "9 out of 10 Americans aren't getting essential nutrients we need. That's a serious gap. But just one more serving of nutrient-rich milk a day can help fill it…"


Why does a grown man need to drink milk?  

I understand how there could be confusion with regard to kids or women, as it is touted to help build bones (even though the opposite is true, as the acidic nature of dairy causes our bodies to leach Calcium from the bones in an attempt to buffer, resulting in a net negative at the end of the day…), but, really?


Once again, I'm floored.

Kudos to the dairy board for incorporating yet another demographic into their audience which not only does not need to drink milk, but should not. It's just not a good thing to eat.

Here are the circumstances when it's a good idea to drink milk:

1) When you're an infant and your mother, who happens to be the same species as you, is breastfeeding you.

2) That's it.






'Nuff said…