Avocados Galore

Kudos to Livestrong for another home run.   While the entire piece they published a few days back about avocado wasn’t positioned as being Paleo, there was quite a good selection of recipes that completely fit the bill. They offered some great ideas, some of which I’ve been doing for a while, like using avocado in a smoothie to create a nice thick drink, or removing the pit and using the cavity to serve your choice of your favorite protein, but others were incredibly creative concepts that were new to me that you’ve simply got to check out. How about using half an avocado in place of a biscuit to make Eggs Benedict? Or blending it into a tomato-based puree to create an avocado gazpacho? Click here to check out the full article; even the not so Paleo recipes can be easily revised to make something tasty that totally fits the bill.