Raw Panic Needn’t Result in Tossing Everything!

What a great and interesting article yesterday in the Times.  

(Incidentally, I’m well aware of how often I reference the Times Dining Section on Wednesdays, but what can I say?  It’s filled with great articles, info and ideas! )

The piece which discussed what was referred to as Raw Panic, went into detail about how so many of us buy produce with all the best intentions, yet fail to follow through with preparing it, and alas, much of it rots and gets tossed like so much garbage.

In particular, I grinned a little when one of the people interviewed, a cooking teacher in NY, mentioned the importance of simply preparing veg as soon as one gets home from the market in order to make it most conducive for eating…just like what I suggest in Paleoista in the ‘Hour in the Kitchen’!  So true; if you take the time to steam your broccoli, wash your apples and rinse and spin your leaves, all of which render the produce ready to eat, you’ll significantly increase the chance that you’ll actually eat the produce you purchased.

Have a think about it.  Rather than squeezing in barely enough time for a frantic stop at the mart, plan ahead and allow time for a shop and a single hour in the kitchen, a mere two times per week.

You’ll save on cost as you’re not throwing away old vegetables, and you’ll much more easily stay on track with your Paleo eating if you can reach for your choice of fresh veggies and fruit to accompany your proteins at any given meal.

Planning is key; and there’s no need to even get to a state of (raw) panic in the first place!