Paleoista New Year Giveaway Week Three: Win A Special Occasions Sweets Basket!

Week three of my Healthy Paleoista New Year promotion is already among us! For this week, you’ll have a chance at the Paleoista Special Occasions Sweets Basket…just in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day! What’s in it? The decadence you’ve been dreaming of, without compromising your Paleo values one iota. Not to worry, I’m not bending my message and suggesting you load up on almond flour cookies or ghee-based fudge; what you’ll find in these baskets offers just a touch of that ‘treat’ feeling, meant for a special occasion. I’ve partnered with Barefoot Provisions to create this special basket to fit this very need. Here’s a little more sweet information: Enjoying a little bit of decadence now and then is one of the most delicious parts of following a True Paleo regime. And if you’re having a treat, it really should involve chocolate. But not just any chocolate, because there are all kinds of nasty things in 99.99% of the chocolate out there—stuff like soy lecithin, stabilizers and emulsifiers. I take great care to avoid these things while still demanding a great tasting chocolate–not an easy feat! These are my favorite healthy and delicious Paleoista Special Occasion treats.

  • Aztec Crunch Handcrafted Raw Organic Chocolate by Lulu’s
  • Clusters of Cacao Brazil Nuts, Mulberries, Hemp Seed & Dates Gone Nuts! by Living Intentions
  • Xochipilli 100% Bar with Bits of Delicate Dates by Antidote Chocolate
  • Sour Cherry and Almond Raw Organic Chocolate Bark by Rawmio

Click here to learn more and then comment on which item you’d would like most from the kit, or what dish you’d make from the kit! Your comment on facebook, twitter , instagram or my blog gets you entered. At the end of each week a winner will randomly be selected and it starts again on Monday of the next week. Click here to shop online and for your entry now; let the healthy eating begin!