Smoothies Gone Wild

I love a good smoothie.  It’s the perfect way to fuel yourself before a workout, or to take on the go when leaving the house in a mad dash to drop the kids off at school and hurry to get to the office on time.

Making a smoothie at home allows you to control what’s in it and create a balanced, Paleo meal using ingredients like organic kale, avocado, raw pastured eggs, low glycemic fruit like fresh berries and a host of spices to your liking. ( I love a dash of ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, myself…)

In Todd Dosenberry’s ‘Toadally Primal Smoothies‘, you’ll find some amazing Paleo-friendly concoctions that not even I came up with (yet!).    Yes, there are some that are primal, rather than Paleo (you’ll see some use dairy- the main distinction between the two), but you can easily opt for the totally Paleo ones, or swap out the dairy for eggs or fresh coconut milk accordingly.

Yet another reason to go for the bundle sale– this book is one of 52 you’ll have access to download at your discretion!