Major Matcha

A few months back, I was contacted by a company called Breakaway Matcha.

Could I review their product and see if I felt it would be a good fit  for my clients and readers?

Being just as much as a tea drinker as a coffee snob, I was intrigued.  Knowing all the benefits of this ancient Japanese beverages made me even more curious, after I read the info on their site, which states their goal is “to make great matcha accessible to anyone who would like to experience a green tea that rivals great wine in complexity, nuance, and flavor, and whose health properties are legendary. Our approach is to serve matcha in a simple and modern way that invites further exploration, and to provide ongoing education in the joys – both traditional and modern – to be found in the daily drinking of this remarkable beverage.” 

They go on to describe the art of making matcha, and it’s clear that it’s no less intricate than pulling the perfect ristretto with a head of crema which is just out of this world.

The site is a lovely collaboration of what to buy, how to prepare it as well as a beautifully photographed blog.

Whereas before, I’d have considered myself someone who ‘likes green tea’, I’d now have to say I’m someone who ‘loves matcha’.

If you’ve never tried it, it’s a must-do.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have if the only beverage you’ve had is the one a popular coffee shop sells as a frothy, sweetened milkshake.  It’s not the same thing.

Check this product out and be sure to enter code  PALEOISTAMATCHA from their online store to get free shipping.