Daily Food Log November 10, 2007

Breakfast 5:30am
homemade smoothie:
cold, brewed, unsweetened green tea
1 T flax meal
1 T lecithin granules
1 T raw almond butter
1/2 c organic pumpkin
2 scoops plain whey protein powder
dash of cinnamon

Meal#2 9am
(salad greens and steamed kale leftover from last night)
3 oz sauteed lean ground turkey
1 T cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
1 apple

Meal # 3 12:30
1/2 c organic goat milk yogurt
small banana
1/2 oz. raw walnuts
3 egg whites

Meal # 4 (pre – workout)
small coffee
1/2 c pureed yam
1 scoop protein powder

(bike) Computrainer session- 2 hours
2 gels during; homemade recovery drink post (fruit based with added protein)

Meal # 5
salad (our nightly salads consist of any or all of the following: organic field greens, tomato, avocado, red onion, strawberries, raw almonds or walnuts, mango, apple… you get the picture!)
chicken breast, sauteed in olive oil & garlic
steamed broccoli
baked yams (we eat starch with our meals on Friday and Saturday evening because the weekends are when we our volume training; showing up on Saturday morning for a 7 hour bike ride with empty legs is a BAD idea!)
1 glass of red wine
1 oz piece of extra bittersweet dark chocolate (this 50 calorie, antioxidant loaded treat is ALL you need to finish off a meal nicely).