Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Paleo Wherever You Are

I thought it would be quite fitting to write about how easy it is to keep Paleo during holiday travel, even in places where one might mistakenly think it’s tricky.

For the past five days, I’ve been traveling throughout England with my husband and from a quick lunch at a pub to a gorgeous meal at a fine dining restaurant, eating local, fresh proteins along with organic seasonal produce as been remarkably easy.

Grilled dover sole with steamed broccoli and cabbage was ordered nearly straight off the menu from a pub in West Wittering, along the shore in the South of England, a tandoori chicken, lamb along with aubergine and charred broccoli was a delectable offering at an Indian place (The Red Fort)  in London and local chicken served with kale, broccoli and Brussels Sprouts for dinner and poached eggs on spinach and tomato with avocado were both ordered straight off the menu at an estate in the English Countryside (Babington House)  in Somerset.

Do your own research, ask the right questions and be a little adventurous and you’ll likely find it’s far easier than you thought to keep your body (and your stomach!) happy and Paleo even while traveling.