No Fresh Coconuts?

I often list three fats as ‘go to’ sources that we should aim to include in our diets each and every day:  raw avocado, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

Organic coconut oil and coconut butter are relatively easy to come across at most health-food type grocery stores, but the question that arises time and time again is how one might go about finding a Paleo friendly source of coconut milk and coconut cream when there’s no access to the real deal.

Canned or sealed in a tetra pack is not usually an option as both tend to be full of stabilizers (like guar gum), sugars and other additives we simply don’t want to be putting in our bodies.

Let’s Do Organic  has come to the rescue!   I found it doing an online search to see if there was anything that could fit the bill and it turns out, there is! 

They sell a number of coconut products, but this one is a winner in my book.  The ingredient is coconut and it comes in a vacuum sealed pack of solid coconut cream.  You can melt it and mix with whatever amount of water you deem appropriate based on whether you’re trying to create a thin broth, for example, or a thick, decadent dessert concoction using some raw cacao, and perhaps a light dusting with sumac or cayenne!

It’s really a staple for any Paleo pantry!

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