Orange Juice to Fight Colds? Think Again.

Freshly squeezed orange juice is loaded with Vitamin C, so we should drink plenty the second we feel like we’re getting a cold bug, right? Not so fast. As part of this week’s theme on starting the New Year off in a healthy manner, tune in each day for tips on preventing, or fighting off, common colds and the flu by supporting a building our immunity through what we eat. Instead of heading to the pharmacy to buy products to address symptoms that actually work against the body’s efforts to get healthy, why not focus on supporting the immune system instead? While including fruit as part of the Paleo approach makes sense, one thing we don’t want to overdo is sugar, even if it is from a natural source. Fresh fruit juice, even local, seasonal organic, is high in sugar, low in fiber and protein and contains little to no fiber, making it a poor choice as a meal replacement option, even if the appetite is decreased due to feeling under the weather, getting more rest and taking time off from normal physical activity. In addition, sugar is a food source for bacteria and virii, making it the last thing we’d want to supply our bodies with when the goal is to rid ourselves of the offending culprits causing the flu or a common cold. Rather than rely on sugary orange juice, better options include green vegetable sources. Did you know that bell peppers, leafy green veggies and broccoli all have higher amounts of vitamin C per serving that orange juice anyway? Up the greens, reduce or preferably eliminate sugars, and you’re off to a good start at creating an environment where unwelcome cold and flu germs simply cannot thrive.