What is the Deal with this Halloween Candy for Adults?

OK, I’m not trying to be that mean lady around the corner who begrudges children who are trick or treating.  Far from it.

Some of the little ones dressed in their costumes are adorable, and I remember for myself as a kid enjoying the festive parties, bobbing for apples (at age seven, I didn’t seem to think too much about the fact that all the other kids were likely spitting in the water, but that’s besides the point!), attending haunted hayrides and trying to win a prize for the best costume.

What I don’t get is why there is this seeming need for candy to be omnipresent at places where there are no kids to be seen anywhere.

Just the other day as I was in the lobby of a doctor’s office, I noticed the proverbial orange plastic pumpkin on the desk, filled to the rim with candies and sweets.


If sixty percent of the population is obese, and many of them gripe about being too tempted when away from home, in they event they’ve gone to the effort to clean out their own kitchen, who decides to bring this junk to work?

It’s just so easy to avoid!