Teaching Kids To Cook

Last Wednsday's NY TImes had a great piece on Chef Charlie Trotter's 'Excellence Program", in which for three nights per week, fifty weeks per year, he treats youths from disadvantaged backgrounds to an 'elaborate tasting menu, tour of his restaurant and a succession of inspirational speakers'.

What a wonderful concept!  If those of you out there who read my blog are in a position to DO something- here's a great idea as food for thought (PUN intended!)

We've all read about how some schools around the country are beginning to implement practical ideas like kids growing their own fruits and veggies at school, and learning about local sustainability and decreasing the carbon footprint.

The idea of teaching kids about how to artfully prepare lovely foods, and (hopefully) incorporating some basics on nutrition into the plan, would serve not only to better their own lives, but those of their parents (who can learn from the kids here) and consequently, society as a whole.

Another bullet point on my long list of TO-DO's for my career mission!

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